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4th July: nothing special in Tokyo
my roller coaster week and I seek God
jiyugaoka again and again ;)
my KGU friends
my June, my exam
they are going back to thailand
Leaving Hakone for Shinjuku and dinner in Ikebukuro
Day8: to Hakone and Onsen
Day7: a relaxing(?) day in Tokyo
Day6: Hiroshima and Miyajima
Day5: Temples Inari, Kinkakuji, Ryouanji, Kiyomizu
Day4: Kyoto Nara Osaka in one day! and grand dinner!!
Day3: Enoshima Kamakura and Akihabara
(edited) day2: daimon tsukiji asakusa jojoen ginza and shibuya (and ikebukuro) - be right back
Family Trip Day1: Arrival
chicken menu dinner with good friends
my relaxing day...tomorrow is monday again
my happy week
my Golden Week Holiday
Golden Week Holidays April 29-30
my day 20100427 pasta for lunch and shopping for a spring dress
Italian dinner
Saturday 24th 2010 with my good friends
Ginza Lion and the XEX on April 23rd 2010
My week of 19th April and Russian Food on 22nd
Grateful for great friends
family day with a newly wed couple
April 9th to April 13th 2010... many roppongi in a month
i love love love them
full of happiness (fooood is my heaven)
Beautiful Sakura at Shinjuku Gyoen
April 2 and 3: Ohanami
just the hors d'oeuvres more to come soon
welcoming party
sakura at night
Sakura season
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  my happy week  

my happy week
Lunch on 20100503

met with my colleague on monday 3rd may, for lunch at a restaurant at my station

he wanted to practice speaking English, so we met and spoke mostly in English.

it costed us 3,900 yen for lunch

been sick during my last 3 days of GW holidays

sick in bed most of the time with fever and coughing.

my happy week
Breakfast and dinner on 20100506

 had nothing left in the fridge

woke up early on may 6th and had breakfast at McDonalds near my office

dinner was simple fried rice and fried veggie

my happy week
With Malia and Lilly on 20100507

 on Friday may 7th 

met with Malia (after 9 years) and Lilly (first time)

we had Ootoya for dinner

bought cake from Berry Cafe and enjoyed together at home

and THANK YOU for presents

my happy week

from USA, Sendai and Ueno haha ;)

my happy week
Good morning from malia lilly and ann

we left home before 8AM

had McDonalds for breakfast

my happy week
Odaiba and Tokyo Tower

then took Yurikamome around Odaiba

my happy week

then got off at Shiodome, walked to Tokyo Tower

then back to a bookshop in Hamamtsucho

then to Tokyo Oazo for lunch with Nori-san

my happy week
Lunch with Nori san at Oazo

Thank you so much for the treat ;)

treating three of us ;)

gochisousama deshita!!

then we saw Malia off at Nippori

me and Lilly headed to Yurakucho for a movie

then Ginza for shopping ;)

my happy week
Ginza with Lilly

 Lilly took the 7PM train back to Haramachi

me took the yamanote train back home

my happy week

my shopping ;)


going to read those books i bought

and also my bookkeeping ;)



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Posted on Sat 8 May 2010 18:54

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