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my august 3rd 2010
my day: วันที่๑ สิงหาคม ๒๕๕๓
☆ my appointments ☆
my day in Jiyugaoka and Obon festival
my day: july 29th 2010
unagi my favourite
Unagi eating day!!
my sunday 25th
Karuizawa Day Trip
big lunch - no dinner and a haircut
my week of July 19 Harajuku and Ginza
love my Lumix
i got a hangover
Yukata Farewelcome Party
busy week
4th July: nothing special in Tokyo
my roller coaster week and I seek God
jiyugaoka again and again ;)
my KGU friends
my June, my exam
they are going back to thailand
Leaving Hakone for Shinjuku and dinner in Ikebukuro
Day8: to Hakone and Onsen
Day7: a relaxing(?) day in Tokyo
Day6: Hiroshima and Miyajima
Day5: Temples Inari, Kinkakuji, Ryouanji, Kiyomizu
Day4: Kyoto Nara Osaka in one day! and grand dinner!!
Day3: Enoshima Kamakura and Akihabara
(edited) day2: daimon tsukiji asakusa jojoen ginza and shibuya (and ikebukuro) - be right back
Family Trip Day1: Arrival
chicken menu dinner with good friends
my relaxing day...tomorrow is monday again
my happy week
my Golden Week Holiday
Golden Week Holidays April 29-30
my day 20100427 pasta for lunch and shopping for a spring dress
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  jiyugaoka again and again ;)  

jiyugaoka again and again
Jiyugaoka and shibuya june 20 2010

had boiled eggs for breakfast then we headed to Jiyugaoka

did a lot of shopping in Laura Ashley

and we did walked around took some photos

ended up at St.Christopher for afternoon tea ;)

then to Shibuya, meeting with mike and had Italian dinner

jiyugaoka again and again
Dinner 2010 June 22nd

had chinese meal with bosses at the company.

a president from Thailand came so we went to dinner with him ;)

heard shocking news..but I will cope

gotta sleep now so I wont be sleepy tomorrow.


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Posted on Tue 22 Jun 2010 22:14

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