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Leaving Hakone for Shinjuku and dinner in Ikebukuro
Day8: to Hakone and Onsen
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Day4: Kyoto Nara Osaka in one day! and grand dinner!!
Day3: Enoshima Kamakura and Akihabara
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  love my Lumix  

been preparing my mind (心の準備) for a few weeks already that I will start travelling alone

was planning Hokkaido trip alone (alone by tour) but too busy during the past week


been thinking to buy a good quality camera and start strolling (alone) again...

reasons: cannot reveal at the moment but sooner or later it will be revealed.

I finally found a super great deal at the Yamada Denki shop yesterday

so I jumped right into it

very lucky to meet with the chinese shop assistance who gave me many % points

Poome is here so we got the tax refund

besides, Panasonic has got a 5,000 cash back campaign

the Lumix GF1 I bought became incredibly CHEAP!


was worried coz I didnt know how to use this kind of camera

besides, all menus are in JAPANESE!

(thats why its way much cheaper than in Thailand)


today I went to church with my two cameras + mobile phone camera

here are some pix

Lumix Big (GF1) vs Small (DMC-ZX1)

love my Lumix
Lumix big vs small

the big one gives impressive results ;)

today I woke up early as normal and visited the church

no lessons in the bible class but some discussions

(I shared some Thai worship songs which are in my iPod too)

poome was walking around Omotesando while I was in the class

but he joined me at the Worship

He went in front with me to the Holy Communion too

but since he is yet a christian, he crossed his arms while I was taking bread and wine.

the pastor was praying for him....and I was shedding some tears after returning to the seat.


I wasnt emotional at all during my first two weeks at the church

but today I felt His presence.... in the church and in me ;)

i hope Poome was touched too...amen!


some photos we took

love my Lumix
Take turn

Poome and Ann

went to a french cafe after the services

love my Lumix
French crepe Omotesando

wanted to eat there

and thank God, Poome is here with me and I could go there with him

got lots of nice pix by Lumix Big too!

then we walked around, lots of SALE and lots of crowd


love my Lumix



love my Lumix
Harajuku crowd

LAFORET and Takeshita St.

too hot, we went into a cafe for some frizzy berry drink and sweet

love my Lumix

then we headed to Shibuya

I went to Windy Chapel and Poome went checking stuffs for his friend

love my Lumix

THANKS to Huang and Tomoe san for the invitation


the Gospel Concert

I cried a few time...and I realised a few things

1. these days i forgot to give THANKS to God for the life and chance I have.

although it is not perfect or great but I know there is a purpose, plan and promise of Him.

2. realised now it must be the power of prayer that I returned to church again.

Thanks to people who have been praying for me. and I from now will learn to pray for others.

3. It is never too late.....things come at the right time. and God can always wait for this lost sheep.


It is good to see some old faces at the Windy Chapel

I hope to visit there again ;) to meet more people ;)


then back to Shibuya, meeting with Poome

bought something yummy for dinner and had dinner with him

love my Lumix

love my Lumix



I have gotta go soon

rice is cooked now, going to prepare my lunchbox

leaving a few more pix for you to enjoy ;)

love my Lumix


national holiday tomorrow

but i am going to the office.

need to rest well tonight


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Posted on Sun 18 Jul 2010 20:22

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