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my day: july 29th 2010
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Unagi eating day!!
my sunday 25th
Karuizawa Day Trip
big lunch - no dinner and a haircut
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i got a hangover
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4th July: nothing special in Tokyo
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jiyugaoka again and again ;)
my KGU friends
my June, my exam
they are going back to thailand
Leaving Hakone for Shinjuku and dinner in Ikebukuro
Day8: to Hakone and Onsen
Day7: a relaxing(?) day in Tokyo
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  my sunday 25th  

my sunday 25th
My sunday 25th july

woke up around 8AM this morning

skipped the church today

cleaned my room, did the laundry...met with Poome at Yurakucho for lunch

we had lunch at Jojoen....then walked to Sony Building

tried the 3D television and enjoyed the SONY aquarium

my sunday 25th


then saw Poome off at Tokyo Station

I went to Dean and Deluca....saw the Yuzu Honey

bought a bottle....and also bought a bottle of Soda

made the Yuzu soda drink with ice ;) nice!

bought some veggie and ham for making sandwiches too


a little exhausted now

going to prepare Karuizawa photos

and hopefully i can post soon!


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Posted on Sun 25 Jul 2010 16:47

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