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  ☆ my appointments ☆  


it has been over two years since I last met my good friend from York. We spent sometimes together while we were in the UK and he helped me a lot with my Japanese language and living in the UK.

We met a few times in Tokyo...once for Rikugien, another time for dinner in Aoyama (very nice one and I still remember it), and last time we met was at the Railway Museum...(the Tokyo (Saitama) one is much more interesting than the one in York)

Recently we have been in contact again and promise to meet during our summer holidays. this time we are going to watch the show together. He mentioned he saw it in NYC 10 years ago...perhaps he likes it much

This time we are seeing the one in Roppongi, Tokyo. They have got perfomances ongoing in 8 theatres around the world...a few in USA - NYC, Chicago, Boston, Las Berlin and one of those is in Tokyo. How can I miss the chance??

nah, dont you think I earn a lot or I am rich. my pay is even lower than some scholarship students... but perhaps its my "age" and time that I have a courage to do it. rich students dont think they can afford although they have got much more money, its simply because they are still young.

my friend is reserving the tickets for us.

we are seeing the show and followed by Casual French Dinner by Grand Hyatt Hotel. Isnt it nice?

 9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  

Summer Casual Dinner at the French Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Roppongi


8月の下旬 : The Sound of Music

I am meeting with my ex-colleagues, who left the company some times ago

but we are still in touch, we sometimes set up a dinner together in late August

but this time, i ask if we can go and see the show, and one said yes...

waiting for another girl to say YES and my another missiong will be completed.

 9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734

Sound of Music the Musical

Sound of Music the Musical
Sound of Music the Musical
 this is the one I am talking about

cannot get the tickets yet since we dont know how many of us are going.

but it looks really cute and I really want to see it ;)


9月 赤毛のアン Anne of Green Gables

this one i am very much looking forward to too

 sorry that we cannot see the original one at the Charlottetown in

Canada but the one in Tokyo should be awesome too.

 9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734
 9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734
 9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734  9734 12288 my appointments 12288 9734

going to see it with Sini. My good friend in Tokyo.

want to enjoy many best times with her.

I have got books both in English and Japanese

but never finished reading them...

I surely have to read the STORY before goign to the show


so many things to look forward to!

trying to enjoy the most I can...coz I will never know

what (scary things) are waiting for me in the unforeseen future.


these three shows will cost me a LOT..but they are worth it

I can spend time with good friends and I can have this rare but special experiences


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Posted on Sat 31 Jul 2010 11:46

we will set up a dinner together some time in late August
Sat 31 Jul 2010 12:04 [1]

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