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N1 Japanese Proficiency Test
my first day at better home
I went to Mitsukoshi
Harajuku and Ginza
Ginza, KFC, Bon-dance and cheese cake
cooking class START!
is this a food blog?!?
why is it this hot?!?!
it is very hot in Tokyo
decision: church member VS mere church goer?!
my day in Odaiba: Hawaiian Burger and Fireworks
Friday August 13th: Afternoon Tea, Blueman Show and French Dining
Celebrating Mother's day with friends's mum in Akasaka
my day relaxing at home and to the post office
my lovely day at the Motherfarm
my good day in Omotesando
my very blessing sunday august 8th
my august 6th-7th
very hot!!
my first week of August...
my august 3rd 2010
my day: วันที่๑ สิงหาคม ๒๕๕๓
☆ my appointments ☆
my day in Jiyugaoka and Obon festival
my day: july 29th 2010
unagi my favourite
Unagi eating day!!
my sunday 25th
Karuizawa Day Trip
big lunch - no dinner and a haircut
my week of July 19 Harajuku and Ginza
love my Lumix
i got a hangover
Yukata Farewelcome Party
busy week
4th July: nothing special in Tokyo
my roller coaster week and I seek God
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  my first week of August...  

my first week of August
Welcome Lu san august 2nd 2010

welcome dinner for a 研修生 at the company

no she doesnt join my department

but persons in another department are kind enough to invite me to the welcoming dinner too.

very Glad to have her in the least I am not alone.

i feel so much livlier....i can be "myself" a little more while she is around.

although it is just a short time but i am HAPPY!

my first week of August
Aug 4 cake with lulu san

tried to get my work done (finally not done)

but i left the office...for cake with a new girl.

isnt she dear? she is so nice and cute!

my first week of August

bought 2 for 398 yen


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Posted on Wed 4 Aug 2010 22:23

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