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Cinnamon Roll
my september 27th - october 3 2010. EAT PRAY LOVE week!
Jiyugaoka with Sisters in christ
September 23rd 2010 Lunch and Dinner with good friends
First Love: Cinnamon Roll
"Roe" my love
dinner at Jojoen
a day in Yokohama: Buffet Lunch, Marine Tower, Hikawamaru, Yamashita park
boiling hot tokyo but its my chillaxing day in Ginza
Thai food with colleagues
N1 Japanese Proficiency Test
my first day at better home
I went to Mitsukoshi
Harajuku and Ginza
Ginza, KFC, Bon-dance and cheese cake
cooking class START!
is this a food blog?!?
why is it this hot?!?!
it is very hot in Tokyo
decision: church member VS mere church goer?!
my day in Odaiba: Hawaiian Burger and Fireworks
Friday August 13th: Afternoon Tea, Blueman Show and French Dining
Celebrating Mother's day with friends's mum in Akasaka
my day relaxing at home and to the post office
my lovely day at the Motherfarm
my good day in Omotesando
my very blessing sunday august 8th
my august 6th-7th
very hot!!
my first week of August...
my august 3rd 2010
my day: วันที่๑ สิงหาคม ๒๕๕๓
☆ my appointments ☆
my day in Jiyugaoka and Obon festival
my day: july 29th 2010
unagi my favourite
Unagi eating day!!
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  why is it this hot?!?!  

why is it this hot
Yurakucho Marunouchi

my senior wasnt feeling well so i went for a walk with her

and we ended up in a cafe

why is it this hot
La Boutique in Tokyo

its a small dinner

but I have got no apetit anyway!

why is it this hot

walking around

why is it this hot
Romantic marunouchi

walked to the fountain near the imperial palace ;)


after i got home

i got a money order from the postoffice

why is it this hot
Lumix Cashback

the campaign closed yesterday

and I got the cashback from Panasonic Lumix today

how quick ;)))


<< it is very hot in Tokyois this a food blog?!? >>

Posted on Tue 17 Aug 2010 21:02

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