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  my september 27th - october 3 2010. EAT PRAY LOVE week!  


my september 27th october 3 2010 EAT PRAY LOVE week  
Monday 27th September 2010

as Chee was about to leave Japan

we had a farewell dinner together, with Chee and her Brother Yao!

Chee - thanks a lot for one whole year being there for me na.

well, i guess we were there for each other ;)

thanks a lot for time we shared and see you in thailand na good girl ;)

my september 27th october 3 2010 EAT PRAY LOVE week  
Wednesday 29th September 2010

rush to meet with sini at Yurakucho after work

went to a quick dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant at the Itocia building (B Floor)

then to the cinema

we watched *EAT PRAY LOVE*

felt really good after the movie..

just like me *EAT PRAY and WANT to be in LOVE again*

hahaha ;)

thanks sini for sharing good time ;)

my september 27th october 3 2010 EAT PRAY LOVE week  
Got a phonecall from Kullanit a few times last week

but we only got chance to speak yesterday (Sat Oct 2nd)

we made an appointment to meet today!

met at Harajuku Station, she joined me at the bible study class, then the worship

and we headed to Ikebukuro for lunch

then to Sunshine City and spent hoursss there ;)

Kullanit happened to know Neat too..they studied Japanese language together at SST ;)

goodluck with your study in Japan and enjoy Japan na ka

just ring me anytime when you feel down ;)

and i am glad we spoke a lot today...even more than 6 months we were together at the tourguide course ;)


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