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it is very hot in Tokyo
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been super busy at work this week.
arriving home after 1130pm
each night... don't ask about housework.
a mountain size pile of clothes to be fold
and revamp to my closet.

been eating the rice balls for dinner on tue, wed, and thu you can tell now that I love salmon and the fish roe ones.

I barely had time to chit chat or smile at work... just too busy every minute. sending emails and corresponding with our affiliated companies in many countries.

even at lunch I was a little quiet and needed to keep my concentration, be prepared for workload in the afternoon.

but I am happy I am useful.... otherwise we would not get our work done.

woke up 1030 this morning. aching all over my body especially my on the train heading to hamamatsucho we will see the "sound of music" the musical this afternoon.

got invited by kou-san to her friends homeparty. not sure if I will have any energy left this evening.

and a lot of things to look forward to tomorrow at the church and after church. need to balance my energy well...

but thank God for all these experiences!
I so much appreciate :)))





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Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 17:06

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