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food foof food
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  food foof food  

still busy but not as much as last week.
only food pix to share this time.

sushi dinner: bought it at 9pm at the station.

ochatsuke: was nice too... needed to use my real green tea, the salmon flake and the egg roe.

fried chicken, found cheap chicken legs so I bought many of them and fried them the other night.

Vietnamese food (again!)
not as good as the first time I had with Sini. maybe we ordered too many things lastnight and I became full.

met with Garmon after yearssss
we last met in April 2007 after I first arrived. and for some reasons we stopped meeting/talking. we wrote to each other a few times a year though.
until recently he emailed me and we talk again. it us good to have an old friend back into life.. let's not be strangers, lets have peace :)
guess we will be meeting a lot more often.

vincent van Gogh next!

food foof food

food foof food

food foof food

food foof food


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Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 16:58

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